AABB Gold Token (AABBG)

Marrying Gold Stability with Crypto Innovation

Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) has created a hybrid cryptocurrency, AABB Gold Token (AABBG) backed by 100% physical gold.

Gold-backed tokens can benefit from both gold and cryptocurrency features, while maintaining the potential for price appreciation from both markets.

AABBG is not a stablecoin but has the stable quality of a stablecoin with the token price supported at 0.1 grams of the spot price of gold.

AABBG can be purchased via the AABB Wallet app, available in the iOS and Android store.

Gold At Your Fingertips

If you’re going to use crypto, why not use a currency backed by gold?

0.1 gram

AABBG is tied to 0.1 gram of gold price


The tokens are backed by 100% real gold

$1 million +

Over $1 million sold in the first two weeks of launch

$30 million

Backed by $30 million in physical gold


Developed on the Ethereum blockchain

5.4 million

Max supply of 5.4 million AABBG tokens

Revolutionary Mine-to-Token Product

The AABB Gold Token is a hybrid cryptocurrency backed by gold mines owned and operated by Asia Broadband, Inc. and $30 million in physical gold reserves.

The company has pledged to back the tokens 100% by reserves, with its own mining projects as a unique source, along with traditional third-party sources as a backup.

The vertically integrated Mine-To-Token concept is a one of its kind product.

Get AABBG by downloading the AABB Wallet

Want to purchase some tokens? AABBG is currently only available in our AABB Wallet.

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Stability in Value

The minimum token price is linked to the current spot price of gold, which means the token benefits from the lower volatility of gold relative to the cryptocurrency space, offering a sense of stability.

Given fears of devalued fiat currencies, the bull case for gold remains intact, and AABBG could also rise as a function of increasing gold prices.

As the price of gold fluctuates, the floor for AABBG token can change, but the potential upside price of the token will be driven by market demand.

How to Buy AABBG via the AABB Wallet app

To buy the token, download the AABB Wallet conveniently from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, create an account, and click on “Convert.”

After going through the Know Your Client (KYC) process, you can purchase AABBG. Using the secure wallet, you can transfer AABBG anonymously with one click.

Once approved, please send funds (ensure your coin is supported first) to your AABB Wallet.

Once funds are deposited, you can purchase AABB Gold.

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