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Top 10 Browser Crypto Wallets

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Browser wallets represent the most popular way to store and trade coins. They provide an accessible, safe haven for your digital assets that lets you quickly access them from any device or location in seconds.

For a long time, MetaMask was the leader in the browser market. But with wallet UIs coming up with new and creative ways to make cryptocurrency more accessible, it’s no wonder MetaMask is getting competition.

Many of the new wallets that have come up are designed with the utmost ease of use in mind. If you are unsure which browser wallets to choose, here is a list of the top 10 browser crypto wallets.

AABB Gold Wallet

AABB Wallet is relatively new but one of the fastest-growing browser wallets in the market today. The fast rise of the AABB Gold wallet is not without basis, though. The wallet has many amazing features that are attractive to all types of cryptocurrency investors. 

Among the core advantages of this wallet are:

  • Fast transactions – AABB Gold wallet is almost instantaneous, and there are no deposit fees. 
  • Privacy – When you transact on the AABB Gold wallet, no one can see your transactions. 
  • High security – With its advanced security features, you can be sure that no one can access your crypto. 
  • In-built exchange – You can easily exchange your crypto within the exchange without having to transfer to a centralized exchange. 
  • iTransfer – With the AABB gold wallet, you can easily send cryptocurrency via email and even social media platforms like WhatsApp while keeping the transactions private. 
  • Multi-crypto support – On top of all the above advantages, users love that the AABB Gold Wallet supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies. This gives you the leeway to have a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio without having to leave them on exchanges.

The only issue you may have with the AABB Gold wallet is that it is relatively new and may not be as time-tested as the rest. Otherwise, it stands out in terms of functionality. 


MetaMask is one of the older browser wallets and remains one of the best for storing cryptocurrencies securely. 

The MetaMask wallet has several advantages for investors who want to store their crypto in a safe yet easily accessible wallet. 

Among the advantages of using MetaMask for storing crypto are: 

  • Security – As long as you keep your seed phrase safe, no one can ever access your crypto in a MetaMask wallet. This includes the MetaMask team. 
  • In-built exchange – While it is not an exchange in the traditional sense, MetaMask has an inbuilt mechanism for quick token swaps without sending them back to exchange. 

Despite all these advantages, MetaMask has its weaknesses. Among them is that it is a big target for phishing attacks since it is widely used. 

Brave Wallet

Brave is mainly known for its privacy-focused Brave browser. However, it also has a highly popular wallet that gives users a lot of advantages in the market. Among them are: 

  • Connectivity to the brave browser – means you can pay for crypto services directly from the wallet. 
  • Self-storage – Only the wallet holder can access it. Not even the Brave team can access your wallet. 
  • Crypto swaps – Within the brave wallet, you can trade cryptocurrencies without having to send them to an exchange. 


The brave wallet does not support many Decentralized applications. This limits users on the number of tokens they can store.

Coinbase wallet

Coinbase wallet was developed by Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. 

Advantages of using the Coinbase Wallet

  • Security – Only the wallet owner has access to the wallet. Even Coinbase does not know how much you have in the wallet. 
  • Multi-chain wallet – On the Coinbase wallet, you can store cryptocurrencies from multiple chains ranging from Ethereum to Binance Chain cryptocurrencies. 

Like every other wallet, the Coinbase wallet has its weaknesses. The biggest one is that, unlike MetaMask, they are not keen on reminding users about the importance of keeping the seed phrase safe.

GameStop Wallet

This is one of the newer browser wallets in the market today. But it has advantages that have put it at the top, just like the AABB Gold Wallet. 

Some of the advantages of the GameStop Wallet are as below:

  • Self-custody – No one can access your crypto, not even the wallet creators. 
  • In-built exchange – With the GameStop Wallet, you can instantly swap your cryptocurrency within the wallet. 
  • Wallet integrations – With the GameStop wallet, you can integrate with hardware wallets like Trezor. 

The only disadvantage to GameStop is that it does not support multiple chains. 

Math Wallet 

Math wallet makes it to the list of top browser wallets in the market for its support of multiple blockchains. 

Other advantages that users get from this wallet include:

  • Self-custody – Only you have access to your crypto
  • Easy download process – Pretty much anyone can do it. 


The downside to the Math Wallet is that the user interface is not so friendly. This makes it unattractive to new crypto users. 

Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect is like a super wallet for other wallets. Through this wallet, you can connect Dapps to different mobile wallets. Besides this connectivity, Wallet Connect also comes with the following advantages:

  • Ease of use – Even a new user can easily understand the ins and outs of Wallet Connect. 
  • Wallet Connect is open-source – This transparency guarantees security for users since the code is accessible to all. 

Like every other wallet, Wallet Connect has its weaknesses. 


Wallet Connect can be problematic when connecting a desktop and mobile wallet. 


Many people don’t know about the Rabby wallet, but it is one of the best browser wallets on the market. Among the reasons why Rabby wallet makes it to the top 10 are:

  • It’s a multi-chain wallet – With this wallet, you can store cryptocurrencies from multiple chains. This includes non-EVM cryptocurrencies. 
  • Security – No one can access your wallet, not even the Rabby team. 


The biggest downside to this wallet is that the user interface is not friendly to beginners. 

Frame Wallet

This wallet is available in both a desktop wallet and a mobile wallet. Like the other wallets in the list, Frame Wallet comes with several advantages, including:

  • Privacy – With the Frame Wallet, no one can access your crypto apart from you. 
  • Access to multiple Dapps – With the Frame Wallet, you can store all smart contract tokens. 


The biggest drawback to this wallet is that it can be a little too complicated and slow to set up. 

Portis Wallet

Last but not least is the Portis Wallet. Among the advantages of choosing this wallet are:  

  • Multi-chain support – With the Portis Wallet, you can store Ethereum and non-Ethereum tokens. 
  • Privacy – Deposits and withdrawals are encrypted, guaranteeing the wallet user’s privacy. 


It is difficult to add new tokens to this wallet. As such, you can miss out on new upcoming, high-potential tokens.