] The Influence of Crypto Community Participation on Company Growth
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The Influence of Crypto Community Participation on Company Growth

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The subtle way to think about the cryptocurrency community is to think of it as a fan base for a football team. In today’s digital asset market, the competition has arguably gone up by more than 40% compared to when cryptocurrency adoption became widespread. As a result, new crypto projects have to fight for their space in the entire market and win their fair share.

This brings us to examine the influence the crypto community has on the growth of crypto companies. However, one of the significant importance of crypto communities is attracting the right investors interested in your projects and trusting you with their funds. You can achieve this with active community participation.

Through the lens of Asia Broadband Inc., this article critically examines how a crypto community’s active participation can contribute to the growth and success of establishing different crypto services that include the AABB Gold Token, AABB Exchange and Pay AABB.

The AABB Gold Token (AABBG) is a digital token backed by physical gold in the Asia Broadband Inc. stock. It is hybrid crypto with the underlying gold price and acts as a stablecoin. The token has a minimum of 0.1 grams of gold price in the spot market.

AABB Exchange is a crypto trading platform that allows AABBG token holders to transact their tokens for other crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. With this exchange, you automatically have an AABB Wallet tied to your account, and you can transact over 400 listed cryptocurrencies.

Pay AABB is a payment gateway that allows you to receive payment for your products or services. With Pay AABB, you can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, AABBG or Litecoin as a payment option. You can integrate its API on your website to receive direct crypto payment via your website. Pay AABB is one of the best payment gateways out there.

What is a Crypto Community?

Think of a crypto community as the spectator seats in a stadium where fans get to interact live with the players and get to be part of the entire fixture experience. They are not far away from the whole project and feel they are part of it.

A crypto community is a social group created (either on Discord, Reddit, Slack, or Telegram) as a communication and interaction channel for individuals who share the same enthusiasm for a blockchain or crypto project. In these groups, community members—also called participants—receive first-hand information about new developments happening to the entire project.

Some projects have their developer, marketing, and executive teams in the group in this environment. They believe this will give participants more assurance about interacting and involving themselves in real projects.

Influence of a Crypto Community on Company Growth

We can’t rule out the influence a community has on the growth of a crypto company. Aside from the financial benefits of having a large and active community, there are other underlying significances that the crypto community holds for your company or project. We will examine them.

  • Restructuring Customer Experience

If you are looking for the best way to enhance your crypto company’s growth and want to increase the user base, leveraging the community is a big win for you. It gives you access to information about what users feel about your project and direct information about how you can improve it. Most importantly, you give users marketing power when acknowledging their feedback and suggestions. This helps you create sustainable relationships with users.

  • Establishing Trust and Inclusivity

Trust and inclusivity are two powerful things to own if you want to build a successful crypto project or service. It places you at the forefront of the competition because your community trusts you and believes they are part of the project. With a crypto community (as that of $AABBG), you know that users have a complete sense of inclusivity.

Meanwhile, users interact with individuals from different backgrounds. You might have exchange platform owners, investors, newbies or traders in the same community as yours. This ownership sense brings forth exponential growth for a crypto project.

  • Communal Engagement and Support

The crypto space is filled with a series of development. That is because there is a constant demand to meet ongoing changes across the entire ecosystem. As a result, crypto exchanges such as AABB Exchange leverage communities to introduce product or service developments and launches when it happens. This does not only boost the user base; it also increases the company’s market potential.

  • Investor’s Assessment Space

When you look at the crypto space, investors look out for projects with active communities willing to throw their entire selves into the project. They want to ascertain that it is the right project to invest in. One way to do that is to establish a supportive community that believes in the potential of your project. That’s what AABB is doing with its community of a crypto token supported by gold.

Do You Need a Community for Your Crypto Company?

Community is to a crypto company what oxygen is to humankind. Suppose you truly desire to build a successful crypto company, as Asia Broadband does with AABB Gold Token, AABB Exchange and Pay AABB. In that case, you can’t rule out a crypto community in your marketing strategy. Your best bet is to have enthusiastic users that will actively drive your company’s growth through genuine engagements and suggestions.


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