] PizzaDAO Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day with 100 Pizza Parties Globally
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PizzaDAO Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day with 100 Pizza Parties Globally

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On the 12th anniversary of probably one of the most famous crypto transactions in history, people are still celebrating. The world’s first Bitcoin pizza purchase has become part of our culture- a slice for all to enjoy.

The blockchain project Pizza DAO has declared Sunday 22nd May 2022 to be Bitcoin Pizza Day to unite the global community of pizza lovers with technology. They are celebrating this event by offering free pizzas all day long. 

Today, PizzaDAO will host commemorative events at more than 100 pizzerias in over 75 countries worldwide, including America and Argentina. Essentially, these specials are happening all across the world.

The event will also include an NFT airdrop and a charity event featuring big names like Tony Gemignani. Leveraging his vast experience as a world champion pizza maker, 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani will be hosting the event alongside fellow celebrity Seth Green. 

Other celebrities participating include Steve Aoki and the team behind one of blockchain’s most successful NFTs – clocks, along with comedy duo Cheech & Chong, who have long been known for their trademark wit in both music lyrics AND standup routines.

With Bitcoin Pizza Day has become part and parcel of crypto-culture, it is only appropriate that it is used to remind everyone of the importance of HODLING crypto. 

So, how did it all start? Back on May 22, 2010, a guy named Laszlo Hanyecz wrote on Bitcoin Talk that he wanted someone to deliver him two large Pizza and that he would pay for them in 10k Bitcoin. 

Many users tried to dissuade him, saying he could it was a little bit too much. One user told him,

“10,000 bitcoins? That’s a lot! You could sell those on https://www.bitcoinmarket.com for USD 41 today”

However, Hanyecz was persistent and finally got the deal he wanted. Today, the Bitcoin he spent on Pizza on that day is worth a whopping $294.7 million. 

Hanyecz’s 10k Pizza story is an excellent example of how the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market have grown exponentially. The magnification of the amount he spent over just a decade shows that when you are brave enough to be an early adopter, technology can change your life. Even the person curious enough to accept the 10K BTC is rich today if they held on to their coins. 

According to the founder of PizzaDAO, Snax, another opportunity has presented itself for early adopters in Web 3. In a recent interview, Snax said that if we dared to dream, we could create a financial system that was based on consensus rather than centralized leadership. One where every person has an equal say in how money is spent, and nobody feels left out or locked away from the conversation. He added that they are building Web3, where everyone owns their own identity along with being able to manage funds through crypto smart contracts, all while maintaining privacy. 

Snax further said that PizzaDAO has adopted a new Pizzanomics crowdfunding model that will bring small businesses onto blockchain through an open-source program. To fund the celebration marking the 10k Pizza Bitcoin transaction, PizzaDAO is issuing a generative NFT made up of rare types of pizzas. 

So far, things are looking up for PizzaDAO. The project has already been named as one of the top 5 prominent DAOs in Web 3 today. Things are set to get even better now that PizzaDAO’s event has gained the support of top American actors like Seth Green of Family Guy, among other big names in entertainment.