] AABBG: Price Surges as Company Acquires More Gold Deposits
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AABB Gold Token (AABBG): Price Surges as Company Acquires More Gold Deposits

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Recently, Asia Broadband Inc. secured a new gold deposit, La Paz Gold Mine Project in Mexico, to enhance the stability and volatility of AABB Gold Token (AABBG). This makes the price soars high and influences investors to leverage it as a better alternative to hedge crypto volatility.

The recent price plunge in the crypto space reveals that investors and traders depend heavily on stablecoins. And one of the best alternatives to stablecoins is the AABB Gold Token (AABBG). AABBG is a gold-backed cryptocurrency created by Asia Broadband Inc.

Holding onto stablecoins is a common phenomenon in the cryptocurrency space. Traders and investors use it primarily for two purposes. First, they hold stablecoins to hedge against crypto volatility. Likewise, they use it to save the value of money when there is inflation across the global economy. However, not all stablecoins peg to a physical project. An example is TerraUSD (UST), a derivative of a complex algorithmic process.

AABB Gold Token

AABB Gold Token, abbreviated as AABBG, is a crypto token with 100% support of physical gold owned by Asia Broadband Inc. At the token release, it has a physical gold value equivalent to thirty million US dollars. And over five million tokens were available when it launched. The token price was pegged at a 0.1-gram price of gold. That means an AABBG is approximately $5.60.

You might think that AABB Gold Token (AABBG) is a stablecoin. But it is not. Instead, it is a hybrid cryptocurrency attributed to physical gold. This exposes the users to enjoy the benefits of gold and the crypto market. Thus, users can experience price appreciation via the gold and crypto markets.

When you compare AABBG to other gold-backed cryptos, AABBG has the edge over them because it is 100% backed by physical gold. This backing is retraced to the mining production segment of the company. This makes it Mine-to-Token crypto and results in a unique product of its kind.

AABB Gold Token is the best alternative for crypto investors to diversify their investment portfolios. It doesn’t only have the advantage of helping them hedge against inflation. It also allows them to benefit from the global gold markets. This is where relying on gold is incorporated into using blockchain technology to create a viable crypto token.

Investors can now invest safely in a digital asset that doesn’t experience a drastic reduction in its value.

Token Stability of AABBG in the Crypto Markets

Crypto volatility makes it almost impossible to say that crypto coins are stable. And this is due to certain factors that influence crypto market value. Such factors include the rules of demand and supply, utility, market capitalization, mining cost products and services attached to crypto coins.

However, certain stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies or projects, such as Tether (USDT) and Binance Coin (BNB), maintain stability to some extent. Yet, they are affected by the crypto market. But AABB Gold Token (AABBG) establishes its stability through its dynamic mining acquisition strategy. This is one of the company’s strategies to facilitate operations and profits.

Recently, Asia Broadband Inc. acquired the La Paz Gold Mine Project in Etzatlan, Mexico. The company believes that it will enhance its operations and help achieve its gold production mission. Meanwhile, other gold mines acquired by the company are Tequila Gold Mine Project in Mexico, Zodiac Gold Mine in Buen Pais, Mexico, and Bonanza Gold Mine Project in Acaponeta, Mexico.

As a result, this drives up the price of AABBG to about $5.90 in the crypto markets. The mining property acquisition strategy is a significant endeavor to increase gold production by the company. In turn, this increases the value of gold attributed to AABBG. This contributes to the uniqueness of the crypto project and its viability.

Investors now seek to maximize crypto projects—such as AABBG—pegged to a physical product or service (like gold and Ethereum blockchain, respectively) for portfolio diversification.

What’s the Best Crypto Token to Invest in?

This might be tricky, but it is not. The best crypto token to invest in is the AABB Gold Token (AABBG), whether you are an investor or a trader. AABBG is a token that infuses gold stability in cryptocurrency. A unique mine-to-token digital asset that presents a better advantage to hedge against inflation and crypto volatility.

Consider it from this angle. Over 1700 crypto coins are now dead coins. And this resulted from not having an attributed sustainable and viable utility. Some developers create coins for the fun of creating a crypto coin. Sometimes, their utility overlaps with altcoins’, and major crypto coins (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) already deliver on their use cases.

But with AABBG, your portfolio diversification is realized, and you can successfully maximize both gold and crypto markets’ potential while you hedge against inflation and market volatility.


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