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AABB Exchange – Critique for functionality improvement

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The exchange platform looks good, but several areas to it can do with some improvements. There are also a couple of new features that could significantly add to the website’s attractiveness.

Areas that need improvement

The markets tab

What to improve

When one clicks on the markets tab, there is a vast blank space, and one must scroll to the bottom to access the markets. It would be better to bring the markets to the top and arrange them horizontally (cue: Binance) for better access.

 What to add

It would help to have a market dedicated to USDT trading pairs. That’s because USDT is the largest stable coin in the market, and most crypto users prefer it when trading. Adding a USDT dedicated pair would significantly increase the volumes the exchange can draw in at any time.

Features to add

A crypto staking feature

Crypto staking is growing in popularity, and more exchanges are introducing it. For instance, Bitmex, a derivatives trading platform, is now introducing staking. It indicates the direction the market is taking and where things could go in the future.

A peer-to-peer market

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading in gaining popularity fast, and more exchanges are introducing it. AABB Exchange can introduce it, too. It can be integrated as an extra tab and linked to all the major payment platforms globally. The fees it can generate can boost the exchange trading volumes and revenues if done right.

If these features can be taken care of, then the AABB exchange should be in a position to compete with the industry’s big wigs and gain a sizeable market share.

A news feed

AABB exchange can make do with an up-to-date news feed. Such a news feed should be placed in the main menu where anyone using the

 exchange can see it. This is an advantage because investors are always looking for what is happening in the market. As such, having an active news feed that covers some of the cryptos that the AABB exchange has to offer, can act as an incentive for investors.

Besides, the news feed can be used as part of an elaborate SEO strategy to give the exchange more visibility. For instance, through tactical use of trending keywords in the news articles, they can rank top on Google and direct traffic back to the AABB exchange.

Margin Trading

AABB exchange can also do with a margin trading feature that includes cross and isolated margins. Cross trading would attract those that want to maximize gains by using their entire account as collateral. On the other hand, isolated margins would favor those that want to increase gains through leverage but only want to risk a portion of their capital.

To even get more customers using the AABB leverage, the exchange can have a high margin, up to 100x on trades. The idea is to capture the aspirations of those that want to take the maximum risk for maximum gains and the more risk-averse that also want to make money through trading.

Liquidity farming

Through this feature, AABB would attract investors who want to earn a passive income off crypto. The goal would be to make sure that investors can see a pathway to passive income when using the AABB exchange. To make this feature attractive and draw in users, the AABB exchange can add as many cryptos as possible that investors can use for liquidity farming. The goal is to ensure that investors have a choice when it comes to chasing yields from passive income and not getting tempted to look at other exchanges.

NFTs trading

NFTs are growing in popularity as an investment today, and a lot of people are looking to trade them. As such, if the AABB exchange can introduce NFTs trading, it can be a huge boost to the exchange in terms of drawing in new users. To make the most of the NFTs market, the NFTs trading tab can be placed in the main markets tab alongside the other trading assets that are on the AABB exchange.


One of the best ways to draw investors to the AABB exchange is to make deposits and withdrawals as easy as possible. One of the best ways that AABB exchange can do this is by launching a card. Besides creating an easy way for investors to buy and sell crypto, it would give the exchange a sustainable source of revenue.

A derivatives Index

The AABB exchange should also consider introducing an index similar to what Bitmex has done. This could help draw in investors that are looking to diversify their crypto portfolios. It is also a way for the exchange to grow revenues as more people trade in these derivatives.