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7 Types of Crypto Wallet Services to Add to AABB Wallet

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Day by day, there is increased adoption of crypto as payment methods across the business world. Beyond that, crypto enthusiasts and users keep seeking crypto wallet services packed in a single wallet. With this, there will be little to no reason to register with many platforms before you can access your crypto portfolio across different platforms.

This piece examines the kinds of crypto wallet services that AABB Wallet can include to make it a great crypto wallet that tends to users’ overall needs.

What is AABB Wallet?

AABB Wallet is a product of Asia Broadband Inc. It is a crypto wallet you can use to purchase the AABB Gold Token, receive and send crypto, and safely protect your crypto assets. On AABB Wallet, you can interact with over 400 cryptocurrencies through the wallet. It is unique in such a way that you send crypto through email, SMS and social media with the iTransfer option. AABB Wallet is straightforward to use for both personal and business purposes.

Why Businesses Need a Crypto Wallet

The increased adoption of cryptocurrency in the global payment system increases the intensity of businesses to start looking into the advantages of crypto payment methods for their businesses. The digitized population keeps looking for a way to have a seamless payment process. This revolves around fast transactions and payments across borders with low charges.

As a result, businesses must help reduce payment stress for their customers. Thus, we will explain some important reasons you should consider having a crypto wallet your clients or customers can make payments into.

  1. Fast Transactions

When you compare the speed of transactions between the traditional financial payment system to the crypto payment method, you will realize that the crypto payment method is faster than the traditional system. It happens almost at the speed of light, as much as you have an internet connection. Having a crypto wallet will help you eliminate the paper works that might be involved in international transactions. Likewise, reduce the waiting time when making some eCommerce payments.

  • Borderless Payments

Assume you have a business outlet across the orders. Or you have customers who want to purchase your product from other countries. One factor that will affect your rate of international sales is trying to set up your business according to the country’s rules. But with a crypto wallet and crypto payment integration, your business can receive payments from your potential world across the globe.

The crypto standard makes it easy to receive payment in any country. You only need an internet connection and a device to connect to your crypto wallet. As a result, you don’t need to depend on any traditional payment system to receive money. Likewise, underserved populations can also pay for your products without using traditional banking services.

  • Transaction Costs

The cost of creating a crypto account with a crypto wallet is zero. And the cost of crypto transactions is cheaper than that of traditional payment services. You don’t pay a penny when you receive funds, but you will pay a fraction when you make a payment when you send funds. However, there are no fixed transaction costs for businesses. But you must pay a token when converting your crypto to fiat currency.

  • Transparency

Integrating a crypto wallet into your business payment methods brings about a high level of transparency. That’s because the blockchain technology on which it was built is immutable. And anyone on the network can see the details of the transaction. Likewise, you do not have any hidden charges or costs attached to each transaction.

  • Marketing Advantage

Crypto adoption into your business payment methods presents you as a business open to innovation. With this, you have the potential to be ahead of the competition that stays away from crypto. A large number of countries across the world allow crypto usage. However, some have compliance rules to monitor laundering and prevent groups from sponsoring illicit activities like terrorism or drug trafficking.

7 Types of Services to Add to AABB Wallet and Why They Should Be Included

AABB Wallet is a blockchain wallet associated with AABB Gold Token (AABBG). But it can receive, store and send other cryptocurrencies. As a crypto wallet, we examined the types of crypto wallet services to add to increase its capacity to serve the crypto ecosystem.

  1. Spending Limits

Categorically, more than 70% of crypto users are spenders. And this spans across spending as low as $50 or lower while conducting a transaction. Or using more than $10,000 during a payment process. However, this spending behavior is not checked by crypto traders.

Most traders tend to have irregular spending habits while trading. As a result, some burn more crypto capital than expected. At the same time, some lose all their money to crypto trading. But a crypto spending limit will force traders not to spend more than what they portioned as their spending limits. This brings more discipline to their trading habits and saves them from capital loss.

  • Funds Auto-withdrawal to User’s Cold Wallets Over Preset Amount

Another outstanding feature is adding a crypto service where users can activate the auto-withdrawal of funds on their wallet to a cold wallet. This gives them the advantage of withdrawing a set amount of crypto into their cold wallet. As a result, their crypto funds are secure, and there won’t be any case of crypto theft. This is another significant service AABB Wallet might add to their crypto wallet.

  • Multi-signature Wallets

At times, a business crypto wallet might be challenging to access by other business partners. It requires conducting the proper security measures set by the initially registered user. But having a feature that allows different business managers to access the wallet and carry out some business activities will put AABB Wallet ahead of other wallets in the crypto ecosystem.

  • Crypto Loans

Crypto loan is becoming a widely accepted crypto service. Individuals now leverage that service to obtain specific cryptos for different purposes. Crypto loans work as traditional loans. But you use some units of your crypto as collateral instead of other physical valuable assets as it is for the traditional financial services.

Allowing AABB Wallet users to access crypto loans will set it apart and bring valuable crypto services to its users without registering on another platform. This reduces the stress associated with opening an account on another platform and going through some verification process.

  • Crypto News Feed

One significant thing that helps crypto traders and users stay updated about happenings in the crypto space is following the crypto news. With the crypto news feed integrated into AABB Wallet, users will access different crypto news across the crypto ecosystem. As a result, they will stay informed and trendy.

  • NFT Marketplace Integration

The innovation trend in the crypto space brought about the non-fungible token (NFT) adoption and leverage. Some individuals engage in crypto through NFT interaction. They want a secure and safe wallet where they can store and sell their NFTs. Integrating the NFT marketplace will increase AABB Wallet crypto services.

  • Adding Major Blockchain Currency Networks

Some major blockchain networks include Avalanche Blockchain, Fantom Blockchain, Moonbeam Blockchain, Polkadot Blockchain, Polygon Blockchain, Solana Blockchain, and TomoChain Blockchain. Adding these major blockchain networks and their local tokens presents users with dynamic transaction fees.

These fees depend on different factors at the time you are conducting the transactions. Likewise, it increases the wallet capacity to process a high volume of transactions in no time.

What Makes a Crypto Wallet Outstanding?

When you think of user satisfaction, convenience, and opportunities across the crypto space, including some of the crypto services listed, there is a way to make your crypto wallet outstanding. As a result, AABB Wallet examines their importance as they embark on including those services as added features in their wallet.

One best way to make a crypto wallet outstanding is by tending to users’ needs and serving a more significant percentage of the crypto population with its unique services. It gives it credibility that didn’t exist in the crypto space before. In turn, it helps serves the crypto space without hassles.

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