AABB Gold Token

The correct way to fill out the KYC is as follows:

First Name* –  Enter your first name. Ex: John

Last Name* – Enter your last name. Ex: Smith

Middle Name – If applicable, enter your middle name. Ex: Douglas

Date of Birth* – Select your date of birth

Phone number* – Format needs to be the country code, then your number. Ex: +1-416-456-5656 or +390-952-455-4545

Email* – Enter your email address. Ex: [email protected]

Country* – Enter your nation of residence. Ex: USA

State* – Enter your state/province of residence. Ex: Florida

Address* – Enter your residence address. Ex: 123 Wall St, Unit 12, 10005(Zip code/Postal code)

City* – Enter your city of residence. Ex: New York

Document ID number* – A majority of government-issued documents have an ID number somewhere on the document. This ID number is often mixed with letters and is a code used by the government to find your information in their government database. Every person has their own unique ID number: Ex. 1234567ASHJD1234. If you have trouble finding your ID number, it is best to use Google or another search engine. i.e “where can I find my ID number on my ___document name___ in ___nation/state__?”


Uploaded Documents:

All uploaded documents need to be clearly visible and readable. If you take a picture of your document, please make a close-up and not take the image from afar. You are also able to scan your document using your phone or a printer. The more clearly visible your document is, the likelier we will approve it.

Front Side* – an image/scan of the front of the document.

Back Side* – an image/scan of the back of the document.

Selfie* – an image/scan of you holding your document, facing the camera, with both your face and the face on the document clearly visible.

See below to see how the documents should be uploaded:


Main Rejection Reasons:

  1. The entered address does not match the address in the document.
  2. The quality of the document is not readable/not clearly visible.
  3. The Selfie was done without the document.
  4. The Selfie was done in glasses, in a hat, in a mask, or with an other item.
  5. The Selfie was a picture of your pet.
  6. The Selfie was of poor quality and it was difficult for us to see the image of the document. The facial image in the document must be visible.
  7. You are less than 18 years of age.