AABB Gold Token

If I already own crypto, what are the steps to buy the AABBG token?

Step 1: You need to download AABB Wallet and create a wallet account. To do this, you download the iOS or Android version, open the applications, go through the Create a Wallet process and follow the steps.


Step 2: You have to pass the KYC. Otherwise, you will be limited to the daily transaction limit of $900 (or less, depending on your nation). You need to click on More in the lower menu and select KYC in the submenu. Follow the instructions to fill in all the fields. Once you pass the KYC, your wallet will remove all the limits.


Step 3: Open the required currency account in your wallet, to which you will transfer your cryptocurrency from the other wallet. Example: If you decide to buy with BTC, open your BTC account in AABB Wallet and select Receive from the top menu. The Receive tab opens, where you can copy the address or scan the QR code. Send your BTC to that address.


Step 4: To the selected address in your third-party wallet, make a transfer of the cryptocurrency for the amount of the cost of AABBG tokens (at the time of purchase) plus the transaction fee.


Step 5: There is an Exchange button in the lower menu. You need to click on it. You will see the AABBG tokens purchase page.


Step 6: You choose how many tokens you want to buy and choose which currency you want to pay with. Click the Buy button. The system asks you to enter your PIN to confirm the payment. After entering the PIN, you will receive the purchased tokens to your AABB Wallet account.