AABB Wallet

I sent crypto to my account within AABB Wallet but do not see it. Is it gone?

The speed at which the wallet receives deposits depends on the blockchain and the gas fee you paid. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes, sometimes 48 hours. Please allow some time for your crypto blockchain to send the transaction to our nodes. If over 24 hours have gone by and you still have not received it, please reach out to us (via the Support form) and we will do a double check. In order to receive funds into AABB Wallet, please go to your AABB Wallet account, click on your cryptocurrency, and Receive. Copy the Receive Address into the exchange platform from where you are sending the crypto. Please also make sure that you send the cryptocurrency to the same crypto protocol i.e. ETH to ETH, BTC to BTC, BCH to BCH. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds in the blockchain.

Please make sure that you have the latest version.

Latest iOS version – 1.0.191
Latest Android version – 1.0.1225