Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable the Spanish version of the wallet?

You have to go to Setting > Language and select Es (the Spanish version of the wallet). Wallet switch to the Spanish version.


What is a document number?

All documents have some sort of document number that is tied specifically to that document tailored for you. It is used by the government to identify your file quickly in their government database. Please have a look here:

Please make sure that you have the latest version when completing the KYC.

Latest iOS version – 1.0.191
Latest Android version – 1.0.1225

The KYC does not allow me to enter a date of birth?

We are sorry to hear that. This should have been fixed in a recent update. Please check to make sure you are using the latest updated version. If the problem persists, please contact Support.

Latest iOS version – 1.0.191
Latest Android version – 1.0.1225

I sent my coin to the wrong crypto protocol. Did I lose my funds?

All cryptocurrencies need to be sent to the same ticker Receive addresses in order to avoid loss on the blockchain. If you sent funds to the wrong protocol, or sent funds to a cryptocurrency address we do not support, you might lose your funds. This is an industry standard. Therefore, it is very likely that, if you are unable to cancel the transaction from your end and your crypto funds do not show up in your account within 24 hours, that you have lost your cryptocurrency.

Also, due to the fact that we have just released the app, we do not have an exchange for cryptocurrencies – so you can’t purchase crypto directly from us. You’ll need to purchase crypto on a digital assets exchange and then send the crypto to one of the receive addresses in your AABB Wallet (the type of address depending on the crypto being sent). Keep in mind to check the Add Currency section in advance to make sure that we support the token/coin that you are sending to our platform. Once the crypto is in your account, if you wish to acquire AABB Gold (AABBG) tokens, please click on Convert and purchase. You should be able to purchase AABBG with any currency we support. Please keep a lookout for our press releases and on-site notifications for future updates regarding the AABB Gold token.

Certain functionality of the AABB Wallet is still being tested, therefore some modules may encounter temporary difficulties. It is expected for the Convert feature to also have moments of downtime due to a large influx of users. We kindly ask you to be patient. Our developers are evaluating all features of the wallet and further expanding the capabilities of the network. Therefore, we apologize in advance for any possible inconvenience caused.

Please make sure that you have the latest version.

Latest iOS version – 1.0.191
Latest Android version – 1.0.1225

Here is also a link on how to withdraw funds from a platform such as Coinbase (that works with FIAT):

I sent crypto to my account within AABB Wallet but do not see it. Is it gone?

The speed at which the wallet receives deposits depends on the blockchain and the gas fee you paid. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes, sometimes 48 hours. Please allow some time for your crypto blockchain to send the transaction to our nodes. If over 24 hours have gone by and you still have not received it, please reach out to us (via the Support form) and we will do a double check. In order to receive funds into AABB Wallet, please go to your AABB Wallet account, click on your cryptocurrency, and Receive. Copy the Receive Address into the exchange platform from where you are sending the crypto. Please also make sure that you send the cryptocurrency to the same crypto protocol i.e. ETH to ETH, BTC to BTC, BCH to BCH. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds in the blockchain.

Please make sure that you have the latest version.

Latest iOS version – 1.0.191
Latest Android version – 1.0.1225

The correct way to fill out the KYC is as follows:

First Name* –  Enter your first name. Ex: John

Last Name* – Enter your last name. Ex: Smith

Middle Name – If applicable, enter your middle name. Ex: Douglas

Date of Birth* – Select your date of birth

Phone number* – Format needs to be the country code, then your number. Ex: +1-416-456-5656 or +390-952-455-4545

Email* – Enter your email address. Ex: [email protected]

Country* – Enter your nation of residence. Ex: USA

State* – Enter your state/province of residence. Ex: Florida

Address* – Enter your residence address. Ex: 123 Wall St, Unit 12, 10005(Zip code/Postal code)

City* – Enter your city of residence. Ex: New York

Document ID number* – A majority of government-issued documents have an ID number somewhere on the document. This ID number is often mixed with letters and is a code used by the government to find your information in their government database. Every person has their own unique ID number: Ex. 1234567ASHJD1234. If you have trouble finding your ID number, it is best to use Google or another search engine. i.e “where can I find my ID number on my ___document name___ in ___nation/state__?”


Uploaded Documents:

All uploaded documents need to be clearly visible and readable. If you take a picture of your document, please make a close-up and not take the image from afar. You are also able to scan your document using your phone or a printer. The more clearly visible your document is, the likelier we will approve it.

Front Side* – an image/scan of the front of the document.

Back Side* – an image/scan of the back of the document.

Selfie* – an image/scan of you holding your document, facing the camera, with both your face and the face on the document clearly visible.

See below to see how the documents should be uploaded:


Main Rejection Reasons:

  1. The entered address does not match the address in the document.
  2. The quality of the document is not readable/not clearly visible.
  3. The Selfie was done without the document.
  4. The Selfie was done in glasses, in a hat, in a mask, or with an other item.
  5. The Selfie was a picture of your pet.
  6. The Selfie was of poor quality and it was difficult for us to see the image of the document. The facial image in the document must be visible.
  7. You are less than 18 years of age.
I lost my passphrases. What can I do?

We have double checked the system numerous times and the passphrase protection mechanism works perfectly fine. In 100% of cases, the reason for the inability to access ones account was due to human error – either when writing down the passphrases or when entering them. Please double check to make sure you implemented the passphrases correctly, without any spacing after the words, in the same numeric order, and make sure the grammar is correct (no autocorrects).

A passphrase is an industry standard tool that is a LAST LINE of protection for crypto accounts (be it in an exchange or a wallet). Due to security and privacy reasons, every company that has passphrase protection is unable to access the passphrases. Therefore, if you lose your passphrases or incorrectly wrote them down initially, then you will lose access to your account, and there is sadly nothing our company – nor any company – can do to regain access to your account.

Therefore, please see the points in the first paragraph and make sure you implement the phrases correctly. If done correctly, you will regain access to your account after going through the Restore Wallet option.

I have opened multiple accounts of the same currency. How do I remove them?

We currently do not have a function allowing the removal of extra crypto accounts from within AABB Wallet. There is nothing wrong with this as we have specifically made a functionality allowing users to make multiple accounts of the same currency. This allows someone to diversify their crypto account and even create an account for the long or short term storage of a certain amount of crypto of a certain type. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How can I delete my account?

We are sorry to hear you go. If you would like to discontinue your account, go to Settings in the More section and tap EXIT beside Sign Out from Wallet. This will sign you out of your wallet and you can then delete the application if you wish. There is no button for the deletion of an account, however signing out does secure that no one is able to access your account as they will need the original passphrases (the ones you wrote down) to access your account; which they obviously will not have. Therefore, if you ever choose to reactivate your account in the future, this will be possible.

Why does my Referral Code show my username as “Anonymous”?

This is done by default. Please open the AABB Wallet app, go to ‘More’, then ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Add’ beside the ‘Username’ section. This will allow you to enter a nickname for the referral code. Otherwise, Anonymous will remain.

I do not see my crypto funds after sending them to the AABB Wallet. What can I do?

Sadly, the speed of depositing funds into your AABB account is not dependent on us, but rather on the blockchain used to facilitate the transactions. Sometimes deposits to our platform take a couple of minutes, and sometimes it takes longer. It all depends on the blockchain and from where you are sending the funds. If you have not received your funds within 24 hours, please open a Support Ticket from within the AABB Wallet and let us know.

What happens if I click on Sign Out/Exit in the settings of the wallet?

Do not click on “Exit” if you do not have an intention to exit your wallet account. If you click on ‘Exit’, you will be signed out of your account and will have to re-enter your original passphrase in the “Restore Wallet” option upon the next opened session. If you simply want to exit the app, just click on your Smartphone’s ‘Home’ button and it will exit the app. This is entirely safe to do because whenever you open the application, a PIN Code is asked. Only you know the PIN Code. Therefore, without the PIN Code, whoever is trying to access your wallet will be incapable of doing so.

I can’t seem to find and download the app?

AABB Wallet is currently under development and testing. After passing the testing phase, the applications will be uploaded to Apple App and Google Play Stores. Please register on our form to receive information from us when it will be possible to download the AABB Wallet.

If I have more questions, to whom can I direct them?

You will need to fill out the registration form for the purchase of the token and insert your question in the Message field. All questions will be reviewed, answers will be created for the FAQ, and all information will be located in this FAQ section.