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How it works

AABB Wallet payment gateway offers a solution for processing online payments in cryptocurrency. This allows you to accept cryptocurrencies all over the world on your website or mobile app. Start accepting crypto payments on your website with the ability to accept major cryptocurrencies and start selling products online in minutes. Your site will receive complete information about the payment immediately after payment – you can even process it automatically!

Step 1

An AABB Wallet merchant registers an account through the AABB Wallet mobile app or the AABB wallet website.

Step 2

They receive Public and Private API keys to authenticate requests and protect sellers from fraud.

Step 3

Seller places a button, such as ‘Buy with BTC’, and wraps the button with the HTML tag.

Step 4

After clicking the button, customers are redirected to the AABB Wallet payment gateway page, where they can make a payment using the AABB Wallet app (or web version) or any other crypto wallet.

Step 5

Payment processed. Upon completion of the payment, the AABB Wallet Payment Gateway confirms the payment to the payer and
sends an HTTP request to the Merchant’s website with all payment details.

Install the PTPWallet app!

If you are planning to integrate our API into your business model, you will need to create an AABB Wallet account first.

All of this can be done via your smartphone (via the App Store or Google Play Store) or via the web version of the AABB wallet. After creating a wallet account, you will be able to fill out the required forms and receive an API key.

Why PTPWallet Merchant API?

Instant transactions

If your client waits more than 1 minute for a cryptocurrency transaction to be processed, it will increase client turnover. With AABB Wallet, all internal transactions are instantaneous.

0.5% transaction fee

For all domestic (domestic or international) transactions, we charge only 0.5% in the transaction currency. No GAS fees. The transaction fee is charged from the receiving party; Thus, customers are satisfied.

Security is our priority

We take the safety of our customers very seriously. Expect high-tech security with full encryption of all transactions within the platform. No one will ever know how much you have in a particular account.

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